Fethiye Transfers

Fethiye Transfers from Dalaman

Destination: Fethiye, Turkey

Transfers Offered from Airport: Dalaman International Airport

Seasonal Information:

Shuttle Transfers run from 1st April to 1st November from Fethiye to Dalaman return.

Private transfers run all year round from Fethiye to Dalaman return.

Transfer Journey Duration:

Transfer time between Fethiye and Dalaman airport is approximately 1 hours & 10 minutes.

Useful Information and Resort Summary:

After landing at Dalaman airport you will make your way out of the departures lounge where you be greeted by your transfer representative. The transfer reprepsentative will then show you to either your shuttle transfer or your private transfer. During your transfer from Dalaman to Fethiye you will see some beautiful countryside along with some of the Turkish wildlife. The transfer to Fethiye from Dalaman takes you through many traditional Turkish villages where you will see the people selling their fresh produce on the side of the road.

About Destination:
Fethiye is on the coast of the Mediteranean and has an excellent marina and nightlife. Fethiye is popular for those going on Gulet cruises with it’s easy access to and from Dalaman airport. Surrounded by mountains & the turquoise coloured sea Fethiye provides amazing sights of thousands of years of history.

Fethiye is a pretty town that has grown from a small fishing village to a fast growing town and a tourist hot spot which offers a variety of things to many people. Fethiye offers historyto thoses interested and then there is nature for those wanting the sun, sea, and some great traditional Turkish food. Fethiye is one of the most popular holiday destinations for tourists. In an evening when the sun sets the lights in Fethiye decorate the town and the nightlife begins.


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